Valkyria: Azure Revolution to Undergo Redesign Following Fan Feedback

It’s been a few months since Valkyria Chronicles Remastered landed in Japan, where it was packaged with a playable demo of the upcoming Valkyria: Azure Revolution. The demo was met with mixed reception, with the revised battle system bearing a range of negative feedback. Director Takeshi Ozawa has since stated that this feedback will form the basis for a major system overhaul, in an effort to deliver the game that fans want to play.

The biggest complaint was in the focal shift for the new system. While previous Valkyria titles were strategy games first and foremost, Azure Revolution brings an action focus to the forefront. It eschews the turn-based system of its predecessors, in favour of a free-roaming active battle system. In response to the community backlash, an action gauge will be implemented, more in line with previous entries. Players will also be granted the ability to pause time to allow for strategic planning; an aspect many demo players felt was missing in the system.

To see such a dramatic conceptual redesign based on community feedback is highly promising, particularly from a larger developer such as SEGA. Though the full extent of the changes has yet to be detailed, further information will be revealed via the official Valkyria website. Valkyria: Azure Revolution remains unconfirmed for Western release, but is set to launch in Japan in winter 2016, exclusively for PS4.

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One thought on “Valkyria: Azure Revolution to Undergo Redesign Following Fan Feedback

  1. This sounds almost worse.
    I’d rather they make Azure Revolution and let it fail on its own.
    Make a true Valkyria game later.

    By doing this, if the game fails after making these changes, they’ll use it as an excuse not to make a real Valkyria game.

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