Vampyr Gets a Release Date and Killer New Trailer

Vampyr, DONTNOD Entertainment’s upcoming RPG set amidst a vampire conflict in 1918 London, has released a new trailer that gives us a glimpse into the game’s exciting world. Focusing on Dr. Jonathan Reid, a freshly-turned vampire, as he is beginning to discover the existence of the supernatural side of the world. Driven to discover who gave him the unrelenting vampiric curse, Jonathan will explore a constantly evolving environment, inhabited by citizens inflicted by a terrible disease – which is sure to have a connection to his own affliction. DONTNOD promises plenty of excitement revolving around “ancient societies, mysterious murders, and an imminent large-scale vampire hunt.”

The new story trailer (seen above) goes deeper into the pandemic that is afflicting London and Dr. Reid’s investigation into the cause. The aforementioned Vampire Hunts also seem to have a very large role in the conflict of Vampyr, as we see the start of the second Great Vampire Hunt taking place. Jonathan must fight beside his fellow vampires, but will ultimately have to decide what actions he must take to achieve the greater good for London and its citizens.

VampyrThe most exciting news coming from this trailer is the game has a solid release date. On June 5th, only two months away, eager players will be able to get their hands on Vampyr. Those who pre-order from GameStop and Best Buy will receive the Headhunter’s Heirlooms DLC pack (seen on the left), which includes a new outfit, the Dragonbane Sword, and a pistol named Barker for Jonathan use during his nights spent prowling the town. It appears, as of writing, that Amazon, Walmart, and several other notable retailers do not include this DLC with the base game.However, it will be purchasable after the game is released via the PlayStation Store, Xbox Marketplace, and PC storefronts, for those who are interested.

I had the chance to preview this game during E3 2017 and would absolutely recommend keeping it on your watch list! I know I will be picking up Vampyr on Day One!

Published by Jordan Aslett - Managing Editor

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