Vault Tec Population Management System Finds Lost Companions

Vault Tec population Management SystemIf you have ever put a lot of time into Fallout 3, Fallout New Vegas or Fallout 4, you have undoubtedly had a companion just vanish. With the added feature of managing settlements, it’s easy to lose track of where you last sent your companion. However Bethesda has thrown in a fix for this problem with Fallout 4’s Vault Tec Workshop DLC. Let’s talk about what the Vault Tec Population Management System can do for you.

Vault Tec population Management SystemThis new DLC adds a variety of new crafting objects and items along with the much awaited vault management. It just so happens that a few of the new features are actually really useful for the rest of the game. The new Vault Tec Population Management System makes the nightmare of micro managing your settlements way simpler. To build this terminal, players can find it under Power > Miscellaneous.

The Vault Tec Population Management System can do a whole lot to ease the tediousness of managing settlements manually. From one terminal you now have full access to all of your settlements. Players can check out details of each settlement like resources, defenses and even assign settlers to jobs. This system will only control your population, it will not allow a player to build or plant food.Vault Tec population Management System

As awesome and convenient as these features are, how else will this terminal be of use? Well one of it’s best features is the Access VIP tracker function. This option will allow the player to place markers above any or all of the currently recruited companions. This will allow players to see the location of their favorite pals at all times, even on the world map. You can remove these markers any time at the terminal. Huzzah, a fix for when your companions cannot be found. Thanks for that, Bethesda.

Published by Zack Harrington - Associate News Editor

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