Video Game Actors Considering Strike


Voice acting can be serious business, and it’s about to get serious with the union responsible for maintaining video game voice actors. The union, SAG-AFTRA, is currently in the processing of bringing the matter to a close by striking.

Some of the key issues of the strike proposal involve the lack of back-end payments and the fact that actors are not paid in residual payments until after two million  units of a title are sold. The movement is designed to protect independent publishers while at the same time allowing for voice actors to receive a portion of the money obtained from a big AAA sale. That, and the union seeks to pay for actors put in stressful voice over situations. Remember all those screaming videos from your favorite video games? Those can be quite taxing on actors, apparently.

“We’re asking for a reasonable performance bonus for every 2 million copies, or downloads sold, or 2 million unique subscribers to online-only games, with a cap at 8 million units/subscribers. That shakes out, potentially, to FOUR bonus payments for the most successful games: 2 million, 4 million, 6 million and 8 million copies.”

For this to happen though, a 75% approval rate must be obtained from eligible voting members, and once approved, would require voting members to not work and asks that non-voting members follow suit. While some popular voice actors have stepped up in support of this measure, one update arrived, announcing a media blackout for the time being.