Volvo’s Keyless Cars Due In 2017

Volvo has announced their new revision of the traditional car key, with a trial of their new keyless cars beginning this Spring. Some of the newest cars currently available have replaced the car key with a bluetooth key fob. Now, Volvo is trialing the removal of the key fob altogether, and replacing it with your smartphone instead. Users will only need the new Volvo app installed, and they will be able to utilize the same functionality as a traditional key,  such as unlocking the car and starting the engine. This works by using the bluetooth signal of the phone, and can activate automatically when in proximity to the car, so drivers won’t need to touch their smartphone.

Since the app uses ‘digital keys’ for access to cars, sharing keys will become much simpler. The app allows drivers to share to specific people, so the whole family can have easy access to the car without having to manually pass a key around. In the future when renting a car, this could be used to reserve, then access a car at your convenience. Additionally some applications could sync with the car, such as Spotify.

Published by Marek Fewtrell - Associate Writer

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