Our pleas were heard – Warframe is coming to Nintendo Switch


The hugely popular free-to-play, sci-fi, third person shooter Warframe (often called the “GOOD Destiny”) is coming to the Nintendo Switch!

(Not Nintendo Switch gameplay footage)

If you’ve never heard of Warframe it’s an uber popular free-to-play game from the good people at Digital Extremes. It’s one of the most played games on steam, and probably one of the best F2P games currently on the market. It is highly regarded for it’s excellent combat, amazing movement mechanics, and depth. This game came out all the way back in 2013, and has an almost overwhelming amount of content which Digital Extremes keeps adding to. It’s a game that requires dedication, which makes it a great fit for Nintendo Switch.

Many fans really wanted this game on their favourite handheld, and their pleas have finally finally answered. We have no idea when it is coming or if it will retain its accessible price of zero dollars, but we know one thing. It’s ported by Panic Button. True specialists in the craft of Switch porting. They achieved what many thought was impossible by porting Doom, Wolfenstein as well as another Steam chart hit, Rocket League to Nintendo Switch. We are confident that they will do a great job, and all we can do now is wait for release date.

Are you excited? Let us know in the comments and stay tuned for future Warframe Switch Edition Updates!