Warframe Is Now on Nintendo Switch

Warframe is a fast-paced hack n’ slash where you get to play a space ninja slicing their way through hordes of enemies. The game has been out since 2013 and has built a massive fanbase. Now, that fanbase will expand since Warframe is finally on Nintendo Switch.

Developer and publisher Digital Extremes announced that their award-winning game, Warframe, will be brought over to the Switch so that a whole new group of people can experience the five years worth of content that has been amassed over the game’s lifetime.

In celebration of this new launch, Digital Extremes is giving new players a large gift basket upon completion of the tutorial quest Vor’s Prize. The launch gift includes a 3-day affinity booster, an Orokin catalyst, an Orokin reactor, a Forma, and 50,000 credits.

The Nintendo Switch version of Warframe will have all the content up to the Mask of the Revenant update and continue to be updated with regular free updates. Warframe will support the Switch’s motion controls, which will control actions like mining, fishing, shooting, etc., as well as standard controller play.

Just like with PS4 and Xbox One, Digital Extremes will allow people to migrate their accounts from other platforms onto the Switch. This migration becomes available the day of launch.

Warframe is always online, so it will require an internet connection to play. Digital Extremes has also recommended a 32 or 64 GB SD card seeing as their game has a large amount of content at the moment and there is much more planned for the future. 

Published by Logan Wilson

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