Warmind Stream Reveals Info About Exotics Upgrades, New Content, and Ana Bray

warmind stream

During the Warmind stream, Bungie disclosing a lot of information regarding the upcoming expansion for Destiny 2.


Guardians will head to melting ice caps in Hellas Basin and fight off a new type of Hive. The story revolves around Rasputin, but another major character in Warmind is Ana Bray. When the expansion pass was announced, the figure on the poster appeared to be her, and this started off rumors. However, the stream confirmed it is Ana Bray and showed a cutscene which gave a peek at her purpose in the story.

Escalation Protocol

warmind stream

This a new endgame activity called Escalation Protocol in Hellas Basin id only available to those who own Warmind. This activity can be accessed once the Campaign is complete. If players do not complete the Campaign, they can only enjoy this content by joining a Fireteam that is already playing it. There are seven levels in the Escalation Protocol with five sets of bosses for five weeks. This activity has weapon and gear loot exclusive to certain bosses.

The Escalation Protocol has a new weapon called the Valkyrie which player can summon by using Rasputin Armory Codes. The Valkyrie is a powerful javelin which is unique to Destiny 2.

Crucible Seasonal Ranks

There are two types of ranks for Crucible. The Valor Rank for Quickplay allows players rank up with match completions and wins with no loss penalty. Glory Rank is for the Competitive playlist which requires wins and has a loss penalty. Crucible rewards are slightly modified, Shaxx will now give a list of rewards and how to acquire them through the Crucible Ranks. Also, every season there will be a new weapon that players can work for. Season 3 starts with the pulse rifle, Redrix’s Claymore.

warmind stream

Private Matches have Destiny 2 Crucible modes and the Warmind maps are only available to those with the expansion. New maps are available to everyone in Crucible Playlists.


The developers talked about upgrading a majority of Exotics. Previously, Bungie showed off Graviton Lance, Skyburner’s Oath, Sturm, Drang, and Rat King.

Fighting Lion has more ammo with increased damage in detonation. A kill with this weapon also guarantees energy ammo to drop. Riskrunner has more resistance to Arc damage and the weapon can still absorb Arc energy when it is stowed. In PvP arc resistance only works when the weapon is in hand.

Hard Light will allow players to switch between different energy types and bullets that ricochet will have twice the amount of damage. Crimson has more ammo with a time-to-kill similar to other more reliable hand cannons.

Bungie later showed Tractor Canon, on their Instagram, increasing the amount of Void damage taken by the enemy.

The Warmind expansion will have a new Raid Lair and new content to keep players engaged with the new content. Warmind will release on May 8.

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