Warner Bros. Offering Arkham Knight Refunds Till End of Year


Arkham Knight, it really isn’t your time to shine, is it? With many gamers still dissatisfied by the performance of Arkham Knight for the PC, Warner Bros. has stepped in, announcing that players would be able to opt for a refund of the title through the end of 2015. This refund also includes the Season Pass, but would need to be filed separately. Valve has also noted the following:

For users still running into playtime based refund rejections, we are looking into what is causing those. Please wait to re-submit your refund until we have this resolved. Thank you.

Arkham Knight originally released in the summer of 2015, and was met with many performance related issues, causing it to be pulled from shelves. After being re-released, gamers still found many issues with the title, and communities balked at the high requirements for the game, which included 12 GB of RAM on Windows 10. Here’s to hoping that Warner Bros. and the PC side get things working optimally enough to get users back into the game.

Source: Steam Community