Watch Dogs 2 World Premiere Trailer Unveiled

After a leaked trailer earlier this morning, Watch Dogs 2 finally has its first legitimately revealed trailer. It confirms things we’ve known or speculated for a long time: A San Francisco setting, drones, and a protagonist who looks like he just walked out of a Black Keys concert. The trailer also confirms a November 15, 2016 release. It begins around 2:58. This trailer seems to be an expanded version of the leaked one, which has been taken down.

The new main character is Marcus Holloway, who is originally from Oakland. The driving force that is causing him to rebel against the system was being framed for a crime he did not commit. Watch Dogs 2 seems to ditch the lone hacker persona of Aiden Pearce from the original Watch Dogs. The new hero is part of a team of other hackers known as Deadsec. This group is notable for having a ‘trolling’ hacker presence, and is more interested in hacking for the fun of it instead of being infamous activists.

In this San Francisco, various gangs are fighting to control the underground of the city, and it’s very likely that Marcus will have some involvement in that. He might also interact with the many corporations in the city who are trying to pocket as much of its cash as possible. This could lead to some Robin Hood-esque hacking to steal the money back for the people.


The parkour system has been revamped, and the movement appears more stylish and fluid than in the previous game. Combat also has changes coming: Marcus’s weapon of choice is a para-cord lanyard which is lightning fast and packs some hurt.

Ubisoft has put a considerable amount of effort into expanding the player’s hacking capabilities in Watch Dogs 2. Marcus can hack into any car in the game and cause it to move. He can hack most electronics, including machinery such as cranes and scissor lifts. Marcus can use a quadcopter to get a birds-eye view, and has a land robot that can interact with objects, for example by unplugging electronics.

A staple of Watch Dogs was the real-time interactions you could have with other players. Watch Dogs 2 expands upon this idea by improving the “seamless” online system. You can cross paths with other friends playing the game and can form a team at the touch of a button. We may see the return of other game modes like hunting players in a crowd, and hopefully smart-phone/tablet second screen connectivity.


This game no doubt contains more that what we’ve been able to pull from the trailer, and with E3 mere days away, we might hear more about it. Check back with Gamer Professionals for the biggest news from E3!


Published by Jordan Aslett - Managing Editor

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