Welcome to Gamer Professionals


Hello and welcome, everyone, to the Gamer Professionals network. What was a seed for an idea has finally become a flower, and here is the product of my dreams.

Gamer Professionals, or Gamer Pros for short, is a network that brings discussion to you. Its target is to attract discussion from video gamers, but not exclusively to video gamers. There are a lot of people in the professional world who play games too, so why exclude them? I’m talking about fields such as health care, industry, technology, engineering… you get the idea. While the discussion will still have news and reviews of the latest and the greatest in the video gaming and technology worlds, there will be more of a focus on video gaming topics in an academic context – talking about mature video gaming subjects head on, such as death, violence, and politics. The bottom line, though, is we want to inform and entertain you, and create a grounds where people can talk freely about subjects without worrying too much about being censored. There are limits though – and it should be common sense. We’re adults here.

As far as who I am? My name is Brandon Bui. I’m currently a pharmacy assistant at a local community pharmacy, a practicing chemist finishing up his final semester, and an aspiring pharmacist. I’ve been involved in games journalism for the past seven years, and do a host of other activities, in an attempt to add color to my life. I’ve a second degree in Taekwondo martial arts, and have been playing the piano for sixteen years. My ideals and my academic background are hopefully going to be refreshing with the administration of this website, compared to what a lot of journalism based websites are heading towards, and I hope you guys go on this journey with me. It’s going to be a lot of unknown/trial and error going forward, but I’m confident that this is an endeavor that I can put a success mark in my books.

So take a second, and introduce yourself! Tell me something about yourself that you find unique. Humor me, and hope to see you here from now on.