Western Censoring Regulations Halts Idea Factory From Localization


Here’s something that hit my desk hard today. President of Idea Factory Haru Akenaga cites the issues stemming from Tecmo Koei’s Dead or Alive Xtreme Volleyball 3 as an impediment to the localization of Idea Factory titles in the West, specifically those that require censorship. From an interview with Operation Rainfall, Akenaga stated that, in accordance to Tecmo Koei’s refusal to localize:

That’s honestly their decision, but yes, sadly, it has stopped us from localizing certain Compile Heart games. We don’t want to censor anymore because we know that’s not true to the original developed art.

From a game player who has played and reviewed Idea Factory titles in the past, specifically within their Hyperdimension Neptunia line, this is definitely a statement that will hopefully awaken the West from its polarizing views of censorship. The Neptunia titles are known to have fan service elements throughout, and show just how different the developmental cultures are between Japan and the United States. The Operation Rainfall group also wanted to know a bit more information about the status of Compile Heart, but even that seems highly unlikely, in light of the aforementioned issues, according to Akenaga.

We could start seeing that more in Asia, but maybe we should do something to change in the West in the future. Anyway, we just don’t want to censor anymore.

This entire debate is quite frankly puzzling, and polarizes gamers on both sides. While one group seeks to see the games, are they really looking to play the game, or just for its aforementioned fan service? For games like Hyperdimension Neptunia, with some promising RPG action elements, could this mean that those titles see a halt here? Quite honestly, fan service aside, I enjoyed the title for what it brought to the table. There are those out there who wish to see games like this censored in its entirety. Even games like Xenoblade Chronicles X, a title we delivered a fantastic review for, had censorship in the West, albeit for entirely valid reasons given said character’s age. This is an issue that goes even to the current Western gaming rate system, with PEGI and the ESRB, and needs to be addressed. The reaches and its implications are enormous.

Source: Niche Gamer