What Is Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden?


Have you ever wanted to play a tactical stealth game featuring a duck man with leathery moth wings? Well then do I have good news for you. Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden is exactly what you’re looking for.

Explore the post-human wasteland known as The Zone

On October 18, Funcom, publishers of Mutant Year Zero, released a trailer that outlines the fundamentals of the game and what we can expect when we get our hands on it December 4, 2018. Developed by The Bearded Ladies Consulting, Mutant Year Zero takes the tactical combat of games like XCOM and mixes it with real-time stealth.

Mutant Year Zero takes place centuries after a nuclear holocaust has transformed the human race into mutated creatures. Based on the pen-and-paper RPG of the same name, the game vaguely follows a plot from the pen-and-paper, but otherwise creates its own story.

You start the game as Dux, a duck with an attitude problem, and Bormin, a pig with anger issues. You scour the post-apocalyptic wasteland, referred to as The Zone, for valuable scrap that you can bring back to the safe haven you call home, called The Ark. While out in the Zone, you can also find equipment and other mutants who can join your team.

Back at the Ark, you can sell your scrap for better weapons and upgrades like more pouches or increased grenade damage. You can also manage your team of freaks in the bar or uncover the story of what happened to the world that got it so messed up by talking to a mysterious old man referred to only as the Elder.

Face a variety of fearsome enemies

As you gain experience, your team will unlock new mutations that are interchangeable and can be switched out to give you the best odds in a fight. The mutations can be small things that aren’t even cosmetically noticeable, or it can be something like the aforementioned leathery moth wings.

Combat is turn-based, similar to games such as XCOM and Phantom Doctrine. Each member of your team has a certain number of actions they can take in a turn, same goes for the enemies. Those actions are things like movement, attacking, or using your mutations.

The parts in between combat are quite interesting too. Mutant Year Zero features real-time stealth gameplay where your team can sneak through areas and avoid enemies so that you can get your team in the most advantageous position.

The nice thing about the stealth being real time is that you can actively react to enemy movement instead of moving somewhere and then the enemy moving within line of sight so that they catch you, like with XCOM 2.

Collect old world treasures to improve your team’s stats

In the trailer, the developers said that they tried to better issues people have had with other tactic games. Hopefully we’ll see more improvements on old mechanics other than just the real-time stealth.

Exploration is another large part of the game. The Zone has a lot of treasures hidden away in all its nooks and crannies, so searching will usually lead to good loot. While finding things like scrap to trade at the Ark is always nice, you can also find things like new weapons, armor, and other items that can give you a passive buff to your team members.

From all we’ve seen of Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden, I’m quite excited for another great tactics game that may even rival the XCOM series. You can view the trailer below.

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