What is Nintendo Doing with Their Future?

Nintendo has been in the game long enough to both create, innovation, and partake in innovation. Looking to their two-year-old baby in the Nintendo Switch is proof enough that they are no strangers to expanding on old ideas and making them fresh again.

The Switch has soared to amazing heights, which have swept up causes for concern. Gamers around the globe have criticized them in the past for not having third-party support or top of the line graphics like its siblings at PlayStation or Xbox do.

But, could change be coming to the Big N in the not too distant future?

The Wall Street Journal recently published an article reporting that Nintendo would be releasing two Switch models this year. Which makes sense because Nintendo also has a long history of developing upgraded consoles during the original’s lifecycle. Gameboy to Gameboy Color, Gameboy Advance to Gameboy Advance SP. Most recently, the Nintendo 3DS to New Nintendo 3DS.

However, where you can spot the difference is with their home consoles. No home console has ever received a major upgrade to their specs. Did they get smaller and/or sleeker as Sony does with their models? Yes.

None of these have gone on to receive major upgrades like 4K output or premier processor power. So then, what is there to make of the rumored Switch models?

As with all rumors, it’s always best to take it was a grain of salt. An old adage, but one that will always remain true. The article points to the first being a stripped down version of the original Switch with HD rumble removed and the possibility of the Joy Cons being permanently attached.

Let’s take this one at face value and just assume it’ll be stripped of minor hardware, the obvious audience is gamers who are looking for a cheaper model of the Switch. It still does everything the original can do but loses some mobility and launch features. If say, it’s $100 dollars cheaper, then it’s a steal because you’re missing out on features that are not a dealbreaker.

Now there is the other model that’s beefier. Not quite a PlayStation 4 Pro or an Xbox One X, but maybe around the stock versions instead. The Switch is an incredible piece of hardware that is obviously more powerful than the Wii U.

Super Mario Odyssey and Breath of the Wild are proof that first-party games have the ability to look and play really well on the hybrid console. Even games like Doom and Dragon Ball FighterZ have ported really well, and have kept intact its framerate and graphical output.

Even so, if Nintendo was going to release a 4K model on par with its bigger brothers, well then, we’re really talking. One major complaint is that Nintendo has never been on par with Sony and Microsoft in regards to power. You will not see God of War or the real version of Final Fantasy XV on the Switch because of what those games demand.

While, yes, the Switch could strip it down to make it work on the Switch, you would then have to ask yourself: do you want the portability of X game? Or, would you rather just have the best version of it waiting for you at home?

The ability to take the Switch on the go is a huge movement for those looking at something else other than their 3DS’ or Vita’s. The Switch has accompanied me to work on various occasions and being able to play it on breaks is a much better alternative to being on my phone.

Should Nintendo, nonetheless, create the technology to basically take a PS4 or Xbox One on the go? That would be an incredible game changer. Nintendo has already hinted that bigger gaming cartridges could be on the horizon, which would allow games that have huge installs to find even more of a home on the Switch.

Which is another issue Nintendo could address with their powered-up Switch: more storage. With games nearing a 100 gigabytes, Nintendo would need to cement a way to bring those to cartridge-form. The space on the Switch is laughable and the idea of shelling out MORE money for micro SD cards is not what a gamer looks forward to.

Regardless of whatever Nintendo does this year, whether at E3 or the Treehouse Direct, Nintendo still has a system capable of delivering games for both the casual fan and hardcore.

I’m counting down the days until Super Mario Maker 2 releases. I … need it. Give it to me, Nintendo!

What are you hoping to see in a potential Nintendo Switch 2.0?

Published by David Ruiz

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