What You Need to Know About Character Selection in Watch Dogs Legion

It is pretty overwhelming knowing that you can play as anyone in the entire city of London in Watch Dogs Legion.

To begin with, you will not have a main playable protagonist, you will play as any of the NPCs in the game. All NPCs can become playable characters once they have been recruited to your DedSec group. However, you can’t just recruit every single person in the city at once. Players can only have 20 member team, but the team can be made up of any person from the in-game London population. 

Ubisoft describes that every character

“is unique in appearance, backstory, and combination of gameplay traits, and they’ll appear, fully voiced and with their own personality, in all cutscenes.”

Additionally, the character’s background and personality actually mean something when playing the game. Certain character features can give them more experience in a certain skill or make them weak at particular tasks. An example Ubisoft gave is that “One particularly volatile therapist we recruited dealt 100% more damage, but came with the caveat that they may die randomly at any point.

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To recruit members, you will have to profile the NPC. After that, recruitment missions place you in different scenarios where someone may join right away while others may take more time. Some NPC’s may need your help before they can join DedSec and you can complete their task to get them to join your cause.

With a 20 member team, players get to choose who to recruit and create a unique team. It can be an all-female team, people of a certain profession, or whatever appeals to you. When you go to your character selection screen, you can see where your characters are on the map. Keep in mind, characters are still active in their society and don’t disappear from the game world after being recruited. You are allowed to switch between your recruited characters anytime too which makes it easy to fast travel around London.

Like almost all Ubisoft games, characters can be leveled up. The more a certain character plays, the quicker they unlock more skills. When recruited, characters must be assigned as either an Enforcer, Infiltrator, or Hacker. Enforcers focus on weapon combat, Infiltrators are stealthy, and Hackers use Spider-bot to act from a distance. These are categories with unique skill sets that can be matched up with your recruit’s personal skills.

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Now, what happens if your character dies? They are gone for good, no constant respawning here! However, the initial “death” of your character lets you surrender and go to jail. You can use another character to break them out if you’d like. That’s strike one though, the next time your character faces death it will be considered as “permadeath” which is basically permanent death. You can then replace that character with a new recruit since you have the entire city. If certain characters are close to your heart then use them wisely.

Watch Dogs Legion will be out on March 6, 2020 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Stadia, and PC. 

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