Why I bought an Xbox One – Confession of a PS4 player


I bought an Xbox One S. It might seem like nothing extraordinary, yet we are currently in Sony dominated generation of consoles, where betting on what we already know is a loser is frowned upon. Taken into consideration that I do own both of its competitors PS4 as well as Switch, why did I bought an Xbox One? Well this is my confession.


Before I explain my reasoning of why I got this system let’s discuss an argument which those opposed to Xbox One like to use most: “It doesn’t have good exclusives”. You know what, I have to agree. Xbox One cannot compete in terms of exclusives with PS4, and even Switch who has been on market for only few years now. While PS4 has Game of the Year award worthy games such as Horizon Zero Dawn, God of War, Spiderman, Persona 5, and Bloodborne, Xbox One exclusives are made up mostly of rehashed sequels or broken or/and empty experiences.

When comparing the awesome open world of Horizon Zero Dawn to empty map of Sea of Thieves, or amazing level of polish and attention to details of God of War to the broken mess of State of Decay 2, it’s obvious to see that Microsoft does not care about exclusives that much.

It’s the exclusives that make the consoles, and if I were to recommend someone only one console this generation, It would have to be PS4. Don’t take me wrong I do like Forza quite a lot, and I do think some of the indies that came to life thanks to Xbox One exclusivity are truly great, but for games that defined this generation you have to go search elsewhere.

Why then?

Even though I love the games from PS4, I do not like Sony. It’s one of the most greedy, arrogant and selfish companies in the industry. This would not be a problem if that didn’t affect services they provide. Unfortunately it does thought and I find this unforgivable.


The worst offender has to be PS+ which I truly do not like. Not only it’s overpriced when looking how unreliable internet is on Sony’s platform, the free games you get every month were never as good as those offered with Xbox Live. I also found Xbox Live service to be much more stable than that of PS+. Online games seems to have no slowdown or stutters, which was quite frequent with PS+, as well as download times were much faster than on PS4. True in last few months Sony step up a bit, and started to offer more good games, but for the year that I held the subscription I felt I did not get my money’s worth.


Another thing that pushed me towards Xbox One, was Sony’s anti-consumer behaviour. Just like 4 years ago Microsoft’s bad practices pushed millions of players towards Sony’s platform. I just do not wish to support company that blocks my third party accounts or decides for me who I am allowed to play with. Having cross-play is not something I ever cared for too much, but having a corporation decide for me, without any good reason other than “We believe that PS4 is the best way to experience games” just annoys me. Not only that, Xbox One does offer backwards compatibility which again is not a feature I care for too much personally but is a pro-consumer practice that players want.

Game Pass

Most importantly Xbox One offers Game Pass. Game Pass is a service that offers you library of games to play, for a monthly fee. The game library is huge (and much more robust than that of PS Now), and offers all Microsoft exclusives as they come out. Though for a time these exclusives were not at the power of anything that Sony puts out, they are seemingly getting better (keep an eye on our review of Forza Horizon 4). Having all exclusives a top of strong library of third party games for a low, accessible price is only good thing for gamers. It’s good that Sony is trying to compete with this service by trying to fix the biggest issue of their awful PS Now, by finally offering to download the games rather than relying on their horrendous network, yet too little too late in my opinion.

I like my Xbox One S, and I do believe it will now become my main multiplayer console. By no means I intend to get rid of my PS4, which despite any critique I may have of it, is still one god damn good system, but I certain will use it less, and for sure will try to give Sony as little of my money as possible.

What do you think of Xbox One? If your a PS4 player would you be willing to put away your dual shocks for ergonomic Xbox Controller? Comment down below and look out for upcoming Forza Horizon 4 review!