A Peek At Square Enix’s Booth During E3

Square Enix's booth
Square Enix

As summer approaches it brings reminders that E3, the largest event in the video game industry, is just around the corner. Knowing this, Square Enix has posted their first of many Road To E3 blogs. Here is what will be at Square Enix’s booth this year so far.

Visitors to Square’s E3 booth can watch the Square Enix Presents live show being filmed live. During this show which will be broadcast on both Square Enix’s Twitch and Youtube channels, Square will be discussing and debriefing the latest news. Beyond that they will be providing a more in depth look into Square Enix’s games, developer interviews, and exclusive demos.

Visitors to Square Enix’s booth will have access to demos of their latest upcoming titles. Here’s the list so far.

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

Sequel to the popular Deus Ex: Human Revolution, this game aims to continue the choice and consequence, action RPG theme. Playing as familiar protagonist Adam Jensen, time is your enemy. In order to solve a world wide conspiracy you must choose who to trust carefully. You can find out more here.


Square’s episodic release of the newest Hitman game is in full swing. They will be releasing information about the next installment of the seven part ‘World of Assassination’ experience. This is the sixth game in the entire series which spans more than 17 years in the making. The official website is here.

Just Cause 3

The newest DLC is titled Land Mech Assault pack will be playable at Square Enix’s booth. This DLC gives players access to a plethora of weaponry as well as some devastating mechanized weapons. Waging a personal war against General Di Ravello has never been this easy. Updates and info can be found here.

Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness

Due to launch June 28th, fans of this epic sci-fi RPG can try it out at Square Enix’s booth. The fifth installment of the series has been highly anticipated and is introducing seamless transitions between gameplay and cut scenes. This carves a new level of immersive storytelling which is one of the series’s main drives. More on Star Ocean here.

I Am Setsuna

Square’s introduction of their Tokyo RPG Factory will be I Am Setsuna. An homage to many influential RPGs. The studio specializes in combining the 16 bit era spirit and new hardware. I Am Setsuna will arrive in North America and Europe this year. Keep tabs on it here.

Square Enix Collective

The debut of Square’s crowd funding initiative to help developers distribute games will be on the show floor at E3 with two demos. The Turning Test and Black The Fall. Square promises to reveal more on these in their second blog.