The Witness is Coming to Xbox One

We haven’t seen a lot of PlayStation 4 exclusives jump over to the Xbox One this console generation, and that’s about to change. PS4 exclusive The Witness is on its way to the Xbox One next month.

Revealed to IGN by game creator Jonathan Blow, the previously only PS4 and PC game will be headed to the Xbox One as soon as possible. This marks one of rare times a PS4 console exclusive has made the jump over to the Xbox One during this console generation. This also recently occurred with Inside.

However, don’t expect this to be the norm with future PS4 exclusives. The Witness isn’t a Sony first-party developed game, and the Xbox One is not the only device Blow and his team are aiming to get their game on.

Thekla Inc., the studio behind The Witness, has been working on an iOS version of the open-world puzzle game, as well as the Xbox One version. Developers often talk about how they just want to get their game to as many people as possible, and that seems to be the goal for Blow and his team.

Our own Ben Eberle raved about The Witness earlier this year when it was released, calling it, “the most important game of this generation.” The Witness floored critics on the PS4, and Blow promises that the game will not be changed in any way on the Xbox One version.

The Witness is expected to release on the Xbox One on September 13th. There is no release date for the iOS version.

Published by Alex Radu - Contributor

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