World of Warcraft’s Patch 7.1.5 Release Date Announced

The eagerly-awaited Patch 7.1.5 is finally set to hit live World of Warcraft servers on January 10th. 7.1.5 was announced back in November during Blizzcon and hit Public Test Realms not long after that. This announcement came on the heels of Patch 7.1.0’s release, proving Blizzard has every intention on sticking to their commitment of avoiding the content drought of previous expansions. Time and time again, a frustrated player base speaks out demanding to know a release date, only to be met with the now-memetic response of “soon”.

Patch 7.1.5 is the first in a series of “lesser patches” meant to add more evergreen content, extra things, and class balance, rather than add entire new areas. Players have the return of the Brawler’s Guild, Mists of Pandaria Timewalking, new legendaries, micro holidays, and class changes to look forward to.

The Brawler’s Guild is back, and in a huge way. It was first introduced in Mists of Pandaria and has stuck around ever since. Players jump into an arena of sorts and fight against interesting and different types of boss fights that quickly ramp up in difficulty. From killer penguins and blinged-out robots to infuriating eyeballs based on Super Hexagon, there’s never a dull moment when brawlin’ and shot-callin’. The appeal of the Brawler’s Guild has always been the challenge of the higher-ranked bosses and the lure of cosmetic rewards not found anywhere else. 7.1.5 brings all-new bosses (including a seagull!), rewards, and a new type of brawl that will call on anyone and everyone spectating on the side-lines.

One of the many foes in the Brawler's Guild.
One of the many foes in the Brawler’s Guild.

Next up, the Timewalking holiday adds a new expansion into the rotation. Previously, Timewalking rotated between The Burning Crusade, Wrath of the Lich King, and Cataclysm, allowing players over a certain level to re-visit these dungeons at a scaled difficulty. Mists of Pandaria Timewalking brings five dungeons from that expansion into the fold and a host of new rewards. Completing these dungeons yields timewarped badges, allowing players to buy gear and cosmetic items. The much-anticipated Heavenly Jade Cloud Serpent will finally be available, as are two new pets (the first time pets have been on Timewalking vendors, too).

Mists of Pandaria
Mists of Pandaria

The controversial Legendary system is a staple of Legion, but not all legendaries were created equally. Some players poured massive amounts of time into the game only to be shafted with an almost useless legendary item, while luckier players would get the best ones. In 7.1.5, some of these items have been buffed, others have been nerfed, and all new ones are added for every class. Whether you enjoy the hunt or loathe it, may we all be blessed with our best-in-slot.

Micro Holidays are an all-new type of event. In World of Warcraft, holidays usually last a week or two, and have cosmetic rewards and achievements only available once a year. Micro Holidays only last one to three days, and have no cosmetic rewards. They are only meant for the players to have a slight change of pace and do something fun. For example, a holiday focused on hippogryph hatchlings allows players to temporarily adopt a young hippogryph for the day. Another one has players dressing up as Stormwind City guards going on patrol. Fear not, if this isn’t your thing, you don’t lose anything by not participating.

And finally, many classes will be tinkered with. From the start of Legion, some classes and specs have fallen way behind others in terms of performance, while others are clearly more powerful. Forum threads spanning thousands of replies proved the frustrations of many players. It seemed like Blizzard was responding to some classes (like paladins) and not others (elemental shaman). 7.1.5 hopes to take a lot of that feedback and apply it. Additionally, secondary stat weights will be tweaked to give more options when considering gear upgrades. Only time will tell how classes perform after the change.

Patch 7.1.5 brings with it a lot of fun things, and also needed things. It will release on January 10th, one week before the opening of the next raid, The Nighthold.


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