Xbox Announces New Console, Codename Project Scarlett

Today, Microsoft announced the first details about its newest console to usher in the next generation of gaming for Xbox at their E3 Briefing. The console, codenamed Scarlett, had been hinted at over the weeks leading into the press conference, but today, we received our first official details about it. During the press conferences, there were some curious tells that included details like Xbox Game Pass Ultimate with the Xbox Game Pass “for console.” By the end of the show, Phil Spencer came back for more with a showcase from the team behind the Xbox One X.

This next console was built for gaming, and was innovated to enhance its processor and game compatibility. The same team that built Xbox One X has now come up with a system that encapsulates everything Xbox believed gaming to be: mobile, console, and PC. This next console would eliminate load times, and be a bigger leap forward into the next generation with nano tech from AMD, and is four times better than the Xbox One X. The resolution and frame rates would be off the charts according to its developer team, and features an SSD that is a next generation device that functions as virtual RAM with 40% increases over the last generation. I’ll just drop in the fact that this console would play games in 8K. Let that percolate for a second. 8K.

The team wanted to give a device to developers that would allow them to embolden their ideal visions, and starting with the next Halo launching next holiday season, the console would work incredibly with the new Game Pass and provide value.

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Published by Brandon Bui, PharmD

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