Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Gets Elma, a New Blade, and a Story Trailer

More Value for Expansion Pass Owners


At this year’s Gamescom, currently taking place in Cologne, Germany, Nintendo revealed some much-desired information about their upcoming DLC expansion for Xenoblade Chronicles 2, titled Torna: The Golden Country, which sees a release on September 14 for Expansion Pass owners, followed by a September 21 release for physical copy holders.

First of all, here’s the new story trailer that dropped, focusing on the events of the Aegis War set 500 years prior to Xenoblade Chronicles 2’s main storyline. This story focuses on a Driver named Lora and her Blades, Jin and Haze, but adds two new Drivers, Addam and Hugo. Addam played a major role in the background of the story, established as a Hero of the Kingdom of Torna.

In other Expansion Pass news though, fans of Xenoblade Chronicles X were delighted to see that the main protagonist, Elma, made her way into the game as an obtainable Blade. She joins along with the final DLC rare Blade Corvin, a Light-type Tank that grants a Smash ability with his Blade Arts.

The way this expansion is shaping up, this could very well be an amazing conclusion to Xenoblade Chronicles 2, adding amazing value in the Expansion Pass alone with a story expansion that, according to Nintendo, would be 30-40 hours. Stay tuned for more coverage during and after the release!