Xenoblade Chronicles X – Cassandra Lee Morris Opens Up About Localization and Censorship

Xenoblade Chronicles X was certainly one of our holiday favorites. The Monolith Soft title has generated its own share of controversies, though, with respect to one of its female characters, Lin. Lin is a teenage character that has received heat from players in the Japanese version, with regards to the way in which she dresses. In the Japanese version, Lin was observed to be wearing rather skimpy outfits that displayed cleavage… outfits that did not feel suited for some to a 13-year old girl.

When the game came about here in the United States, the character’s attire was modified, and toned down. Many gamers thought it was censorship. In a new video by Cassandra Lee Morris, who voiced Lin in the North American version of Xenoblade Chronicles X, Morris spoke her mind about some localization secrets and about the censorship that her character had supposedly undergone. With regards to Lin’s bikini outfit:

“It honestly makes me cringe a little bit because she’s only 13 years old. People are calling it censorship. I really see it as localization. There are a lot of cultural differences between Japan and the US and Europe. I, personally, don’t mind that Lin’s outfits were change for the US version. My hope is that players will be able to concentrate on Lin’s abilities and what she can bring to your game and what she can do for the other members of her party and not just how she looks.”

While this may have been considered by some to be the brunt of the statement, she did open up a bit on some interesting details about the audition process, and how hidden some aspects were… including the name of the game, which was sent to auditioners as “Space Travels.” In summation, Lin’s character had 1600-1800 different lines, and according to Morris, was characterized as a strong, intelligent female character who does not rely on others. Lin also can cook dinner, and in Morris’s words, can probably “kick your ass.” Lin was also designed in the North American version to sound older than she appeared; a young child would probably end up grating the ears on a long RPG journey.

It’s great to see female leads receive more prominence in video gaming and culture – just look at the massive reception that newcomer Rey in Star Wars: The Force Awakens has received. Morris did a fantastic job on her lines, and definitely made Lin a standout character. The video Morris posted is provided below.

Published by Brandon Bui, PharmD

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