You Have 293 Keys Review (PC)



Have you ever found yourself in a situation where there are too many keys on your key ring and it takes you several days until you finally find the correct one? Well, the developer 14 Hour Lunch Break must have been in the same situation to get the inspiration for You Have 293 Keys.

293 Keys has an easy to grasp premise. You have 293 keys and one lock, go through the keys, trying each one, until you find the correct one. With how simple it sounds, everyone I’ve told about this game scoffs, claiming they could do it easily. However, after 15 minutes of trying keys, cocky smiles fall to defeated scowls as they realize how wrong they were.

As you make your way through the pile of keys, you face a emotional roller-coaster of tribulation. You start out sure you’ll be out of here in no time at all. Then you start to get aggravated, you were so sure you’d blaze through this in the time it takes to finish the row of Oreos you ate before hand. Then you start to get paranoid. Did you accidentally throw the correct key off the edge? Will you be stuck behind this lock for all eternity? Then half the pile is gone and you realize how much of your short precious life is gone because you don’t have the luck you thought you had. Then, you finally find the key, the door opens, and you taste victory.

I did have an issue with how repetitious the music got after going through about a quarter of the pile of keys. With how much time you’re going to spend in this game, they perhaps should have added a few more tracks.

14 Hour Lunch Break created what can only be described as a personal test of one’s endurance. Even if you don’t care what’s behind that locked door, everyone should try this game simply to see if they can get to the end without having a breakdown.

You can download You Have 293 Keys here for free. I hope you give it a try and let me know how many tries it takes you to pop open that lock.